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"I took a chance after reviewing my options, and I hit gold with you...I truly believe this is the best website I have ever found! "

"The Arrears Calculator was a God send for me. My calculations were over a 20 year period and were quite extensive. The Arrears Calculator allowed me to complete the calculations on my own time saving thousands of dollars in Accounting/Attorney fees. Any questions that I had were answered immediately, I highly recommend it to anyone".  

"I cannot tell you how helpful you have been! If I had not taken my own affairs into my own hands, and looked out for my children, the results would have been markedly different (as my representation calculated arrears without interest). The message that I sent was that I was looking out for my children. As I mentioned earlier, the owing parent, his attorney, and the state paid representative calculated arrears with 0% interest. If I had not used your service and informed the judge that I knew what was owed (either way), then that might be where the bottom line stopped. I faxed approximately 50 pages to the judge (with nothing to loose) and to my surprise, she took note! Knowledge is power!! We could have settled on the arrears (as calculating is tedious work) without interest, and everyone agree in court, but my children and myself deserve what is just. Your personal assistance and guidance is GREATLY appreciated. I took a chance after reviewing my options, and I hit gold with you. I appreciate you sharing the Internet site with me. I cannot believe what personal attention you have given me. I thoroughly endorse your product and your company (as well as you personally)! I truly believe this is the best website I have ever found! "
From the bottom of my heart,

"[The Arrears Calculator] was great. It helped me out incredibly because I needed to know how much I was owed in child support. The Dept. of Revenue even had the amount wrong and this calculator helped me realize the right amount."

"God bless just confirmed that I need a lawyer. My wife's lawyer figured it (the support obligation) on my gross (income) and its about $70.00 more than what your calculator came up with."

"Your calculator has helped me to realize that what is now being proposed is fair. I have no intention of skipping out on providing for my son, yet even so I would like to be able to provide him some things that I choose to give him. A fair amount to give his mom for his needs is reasonable, and now with your information I can also reach a settlement which ensures that I can afford to provide him some things independently of his mother as well."

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Just to let you know because I could calculate all of (my) back child support and interest on the Arrears Calculator, the judge was astounded by the large amount of money that was owed to me. My ex-husband got 6 months in jail until he paid the entire amount in full. It only took my ex-husband 5 days in jail to see the light. I received my check for the full amount two days after he paid and was released. What a wonderful product you have. I know my attorney was impressed and will be using your services. Thanks so much again!! "

"I found your staff to be cooperative and friendly, and (I) got the job done in record time. I would recommend your product to anyone with the need for complex child support arrears calculations. "
Helen, Attorney

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